What is User and Entity Behavior Analytics?

By Veriato - November 19, 2018

What is User and Entity Behavior Analytics?

What is UEBA security and why do I need it?

UEBA is an increasingly essential part of every security plan – but it may seem more like a buzzword than a process you actually understand. We’re here to demystify UEBA security and explain how it works.

What is the difference between UBA vs. UEBA

One confusing aspect of UEBA is that you’ve probably heard of UBA – User Behavior Analytics. So what’s with the added ‘E’? UEBA stands for User and Entity Behavior Analytics. UBA utilizes machine learning to set baselines for human user activity. When the computer notices any activity deviating from normal parameters, it flags the action as a possible security threat.

UEBA, however, also understands the activity of machines connected to the network. It studies the behavior of cloud applications, machines, and IoT devices. For example, UEBA allows you to detect a machine running an abnormal process that you may want to investigate. UEBA adds an additional focus on external threats by monitoring machines for signs of outside manipulation.

UEBA in action

As you can see, UEBA security should be a huge component in your cyber security plan. Consider updating your security framework to include UEBA security software, rather than just UBA. Here are a few specific ways you can benefit from UEBA security:

  • Detect abnormal user behavior alerting you to a malicious insider attempting theft of intellectual property
  • Notify you when a new device attempts to access your network
  • Notify you if a user logs in from a new location
  • Limit the amount of login attempts

User and entity behavior analytics takes machine learning to the next level by monitoring all activity across your entire network. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all the advancements in machine learning by implementing powerful UEBA security software.


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